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Nicola Lambo Voices It!

COMMERCIAL: An Actress with the Versatility and Voice to Match

 ~ known by producers as a “Happy-go-lucky” spirit behind the scenes with the flexibility to adapt quickly and fluidly in any vocal capacity





Click: Commercial Voice Demo


NARRATIONWith precision and speed at her beckon call

~ the listener is thoroughly entertained while simultaneously being educated, learning valuable content in the process





Click: Narration Voice Demo


AUDIO BOOK: Taking on multiple characters in a single bound

~ books spring to life, as words leap from the page, leaving the audience to do nothing but be swept away in expressive storytelling




Click: Audio Book Voice Demo


LOOPING: TV and Films are enhanced by her subtle vocal wizardry

~ together the ensemble and loop group director work to be on the same page establishing a solid vocal foundation for every TV show and film

   Looping Resume of TV SHOWS:

  • The Quad

  • Atlanta

  • Ballers

  • Hit the Floor

  • FBI

  • #Free Rayshawn




Click: Looping Voice Demo


ANIMATION: Each character presented with indelible nuances and flair 

~ her characters carry a unique spirit, tone, texture, and energy all on their own




Click: Animation Voice Demo

SINGER: Trained in the world of jazz with the skills to morph into virtually any style of vocals

~ her solo singing takes on the lyrics with ease

~ she's the full package with original song writing skills on display below, complete with music & lyrics written, performed, and produced

~ the chorus will feel the power of a sense of unity and blend in any live arena or studio





Click: Singing Voice Demo


Send over your script and copy

Nicola Lambo will voice it!


To arrange a phone meeting please contact: Betty McCormick: Midwest Talent Management | 818-765-3785 Ext. 1

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